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Crew Toolbox


As explained in the Alaska Fishing Jobs Handbook, the profile and application you post here at FishingJobs is the cornerstone of any Alaska fishing job search, but the information and resources in the Fishing Crew Toolbox will prove invaluable as well. In addition to providing you with contact information for thousands of skippers, organized by fishery and geography, they will significantly expand your understanding of Alaskan fisheries. And that, ultimately, will make you a better crew member.

Here you will find…

  • Coastal maps for understanding the geography and scale of Alaska
  • Contact lists for skippers from a wide variety of Alaskan fisheries
  • Calendars and fishery maps that show when and where fisheries occur
  • And many more job-seeking tools and resources

Memorize these guidelines…

  • Select names from fishery contact lists randomly, so skippers at the top don’t get all the letters
  • Use contact lists in moderation –  a handful of letters per week, over several weeks or months
  • Write personalized letters to each skipper, not form letters that just end up in the trash

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Be smart. Be safe. Good fishing.℠