Processing Crew Toolbox

Processing Crew Toolbox

An important announcement

We will soon be launching the Alaska Seafood Jobs Center. ASJC is modeled closely on the Alaska Fishing Jobs Center, but caters especially to those people interested in working in a seafood processing plant in Alaska.

In preparation for the launch, we are offering free ASJC memberships to 300 motivated job-seekers like you.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one, we promise. We simply want to build up the community so we’ll have plenty of applicants online and ready when we go talk to our friends in the world’s finest seafood companies. We will be giving them free access to your profile and application. Pretty cool, right?

After the community grows to 300 applicants, we will begin charging an annual membership fee to cover our expenses – but you will already be in.

To receive a pre-launch invitation and your free membership, please register at this page. In the Registration Codes box, enter the Processor Promo Code: rockfish

We look forward to welcoming you as a founding member of the Alaska Seafood Jobs Center!