Crab Fishing in Alaska

Interested in a crab fishing job in Alaska?

Ever since Deadliest Catch went on the air, we've seen a big increase in the number of people looking for crab jobs.

But there's an ethical issue here. We can give you a line of b.s. about how you'll get a crab job by joining AFJC, or we can tell it like it is. And because we've known several crabbers who never came home, we choose to tell it like it is.

Unless you have significant on-the-water work experience, you are not yet qualified to work on the Bering Sea in the winter. It's that simple.

To get that experience, you need to land another kind of fishing job on another kind of fishing boat, such as a purse seiner, troller, gillnetter, longliner, cod-pot boat or dragger. That's where you'll get the sea-legs, deck experience, knot experience, navigation experience and solid boat time you need to sell yourself to crab boat captains who gets approached by hundreds of greenhorns every year.

Thanks to Deadliest Catch, Bering Sea crabbing is the most famous of Alaska's fisheries. But there are many cool fisheries in Alaska that pay very good money, targeting different species and providing real opportunities for advancement. And they take place all over Alaska, not just the shallow, windswept badlands of the Bering Sea.

We encourage you to join now!


Be smart. Be safe. Good fishing.℠